Wales has more rivers than you can shake the proverbial stick at, as illustrated in the below map created by Dafydd Elfryn (Permission given to use the image).

Rivers are life

Rivers are home to a multitude of life, they nourish the land, and give us places to swim, fish and play. Put simply, our rivers are precious. When we think about rivers, however, it needs to be looked at in the bigger picture, taking in a holistic approach to the entire catchment area from their upland sources to their eventual output into the sea.

Pressures on our rivers

Across Wales, many of our rivers are under threat. Pressures to produce cheaper food by intensive forms of farming, combined with our wetter weather, often leads to more surface run off which finds its way into our rivers and waterways. Welsh Water / Dwr Cymru was recently singled out by the water regulator OFWAT as one of the six worst polluters in the UK (2023).

Fellow campaigners

CPRW, will continue to work with the likes of Friends of the Upper Wye, Afonydd Cymru, Canoe Wales, Fish Legal and our partners across the border, CPRE to seek better protects for our river to ensure life can survive and thrive in our waterways.