We’re joining @‌SoilAssociation in calling on the UK Governments to stop killing our rivers! Will you help by signing the petition? 🌊

Pollution from industrial chicken farming is killing rivers like the Wye. These huge farms produce unsustainable amounts of intensively reared chicken – and their manure is spread on the land, which leaches into the water. This causes toxic algal blooms and destroys vital wildlife habitats. It’s left the River Wye on the verge of ecological collapse.

🚨 If we don’t act now, this could be coming to a river near you. We’re demanding that the UK Governments:

🛑Ban new industrial poultry units

🐔 Act to reduce chicken consumption to a sustainable level

🚜 Help farmers to exit this damaging industry and adopt nature-friendly farming methods

Sign the petition! Visit @‌SoilAssociation’s bio, or go to https://soilassociation.co/rivers_ngos

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