Our Welsh Landscapes

Landscapes are the “product of the interaction of the natural and cultural components of our environment, and how they are understood and experienced by people.” Landscapes encompass not just the beauty of our environment, but also natural and cultural aspects, embracing geology, wildlife, land use and historic elements and features.

Shaped By Action

Landscapes are shaped by the actions of nature and people over time, interacting with the environment. The spectacular range of natural, historical and cultural elements contribute to the richness and widespread fame of our Welsh landscapes. It is essential that they are conserved and protected for present and future generations from the adverse impacts of the climate and biodiversity crises, as well as inappropriate land use and development.

We love our landscapes

From our mountains, uplands, moors and rolling green countryside; to the seascapes of our stunning coastline and urban and rural parklands – we love our landscapes. And our landscapes have a vital role to play in tackling the climate emergency by capturing carbon, cleaning the air, helping to slow flood waters, and providing habitats for wildlife.

Language of Landscapes

The Welsh language is a language of landscapes – the places, people, history, land-use and natural features are what gives it detail, substance, meaning, and context. Without a landscape, without some kind of continuity, the language itself is at grave risk of coming adrift of its moorings – the rocks and slopes, the river bends, the buildings that form its ancient fabric, the elements that are permanent enough to warrant a name.

A Positive Future

We want to see thriving, landscapes that are more resilient to climate change by planting more hedgerows and trees, more accommodation to the biodiversity needed to enable life itself, and a landscape for this and future generations to seek out and find refuge in, unscarred by industry. And we want as many people as possible to access these landscapes and enjoy their benefits to our wellbeing.

CPRW works nationally and locally for a positive future for all our landscapes.

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