Dark Skies

Light pollution is something most people only consider to be a trivial, however its effects on nocturnal animals and indeed, humans is not fully known at present. Whilst being considerate of people’s concerns over safety with regards to streetlighting, CPRW are concerned about the potential damage light pollution can have on wildlife.

Magical sights

Dark skies are one of the most magical sights the countryside can offer. Light pollution not only limits our views of these skies but also disrupts wildlife’s natural patterns. We want to reclaim our dark skies.

CPRW, supports the introduction of new dark sky reserves throughout Wales, not only in protected areas. Some of the active campaigns CPRW are involved in are for the Presteigne area and the Llŷn peninsula AONB proposals.

Wales is home to Europe’s first dark skies sanctuary!

CPRW welcomes and congratulates Ynys Enlli, an island off the tip of the Llŷn Peninsula for recently (Feb 2023) becoming the first site in Europe to be awarded International Dark Sky Sanctuary certification. The certification has much stricter criteria than dark sky reserves, meaning the night sky there is among the darkest in Europe. We hope this award will highlight the profile of the island and hopefully bring further awareness to the benefits of dark skies.