Solar Power

Solar power is now one of the cheapest forms of electricity generation, and being carbon free at the point of generation, forms  a significant component in the path to net zero. CPRW believes the ideal location for solar panels is mounted on buildings in non-intrusive locations – providing the power directly where it is needed, on homes for example.

Solar Parks

However, “solar parks” (large photovoltaic solar panel arrays) can be visually intrusive, environmentally damaging, and reduce much needed farmland.

Strict regulation

Where these large commercial schemes of solar arrays are proposed, CPRW will only support them if they can satisfy detailed and rigidly applied planning conditions, are in appropriate locations, do not negatively affect the biodiversity of an area, and are not in protected designated areas.

Protect agricultural land

When, to the contrary, schemes are proposed on undeveloped agricultural land in a non-urban locations, in an open area of the countryside, or a protected designated area we will oppose said development.