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Planning and Housing

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Like the rest of the UK, Wales is currently in the grip of a housing crisis. House prices are soaring and few affordable homes are being built. This crisis is causing a bigger problem: hasty planning is causing villages to sprawl and green areas to vanish under concrete. Even worse, just 2,210 out of 6,170 homes built in Wales in 2015 were affordable.

You can find out more about our positions on planning policy, and our responses to consultations here.


Protecting green and growing spaces

In CPRW we campaign to protect areas of open countryside and green 'wedges’ from disappearing under housing estates. These areas provide much-needed space for leisure, dark skies and wildlife to thrive. With 60% of Wales’ butterflies and 40% of bird species lost in the past 50 years, there has never been a more urgent need to protect green and growing spaces.

Brownfield developments

There is also no need to build on these green areas. Houses and offices built on brownfield sites complete six months quicker than those constructed on designated green belts or green wedges. Building constructed in existing towns and villages using sustainable, local materials and existing transport systems rejuvenate rural areas without sacrificing their unique beauty.

CPRW is determined to see a new generation of sensitive planning to bring an end to the housing crisis without destroying our countryside.