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With climate change threatening the very fabric of our lives, at CPRW we understand that green energy is vital to a sustainable future. However, sustainable energy solutions should not be made at the expense of Wales’ unique ecosystems and stunning landscapes.

We must get the balance right.

Caution to the Wind

We campaign for sensible planning for wind farms, urging councils and government ministers to place wind farms offshore and along existing motorways to limit the impact on rural places. Through lobbying decision-makers, our community groups are taking power back to the people who will be affected by the arrival of wind farms in their neighbourhoods.

Harnessing the power of water

Water power is undoubtedly one of Wales’ key natural resources. Hydroelectric power stations, barrages and dams have been used across the country with varying degrees of success. However, if poorly planned, they can have a devastating effect on wildlife and alter ancient coastlines and valleys forever. By promoting sensitive plans to harness the power of water, we can find sustainable solutions which work for everyone.