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Hendy Wind Farm Decision 18-11-18 Update


Calling all members and supporters. Please email Kirsty Williams A.M. and other mid-Wales AMs asking them to support the amendment calling for reconsideration of the Hendy windfarm decision. There's no time to lose - this will discussed at the plenary session on Tues 20th Nov 2018.

Ask them to vote for the amendment in the Senedd on Tuesday - their votes are key in this matter.


Send emails to Kirsty Williams  (Brecon and Radnor AM)


also Mid and West Wales AMs


You could also write to AMs in other parts of Wales - this decision sets a precedent for the whole Welsh Countryside.

See full list of AMs here:


and their contact details here:



Background information:

Lesley Giffiths’ decision to approve the Hendy Wind Farm is to be challenged by an amendment in Welsh Assembly Plenary session next Tuesday. This just underlines the importance of her decision to flout the Planning System and Local Democracy.

On Tuesday 20th November there is an opportunity to put pressure on the Welsh Government concerning Lesley Griffith’s decision to overrule the Planning Inspector’s dismissal of the Hendy Wind Farm Appeal following the vote by Powys County Council Planning Committee to refuse the application in September 2017.

The Senedd is holding a Plenary session on Tuesday 20th November 13.30pm. Item No. 9 is a 60min debate,

‘How to achieve a low carbon energy system for Wales’

Amendment 3 to this debate has been tabled by Darren Miller (Clwyd West) calling on the Welsh Assembly:

"To reconsider Lesley Griffiths' decision to allow the Hendy windfarm application against the decisions of both the Powys County Council Planning Committee AND the Planning Inspectorate".


Kirsty Williams AM objected to this development at the planning stage.

Ask her (and others) to vote for this amendment in the Senedd on Tuesday and stand by her original objection.

She is keeping the balance of power for the minority Labour government, who will be whipping their members on this amendment.

Kirsty has the opportunity either to vote in the interests of her constituents and to stand up for local democracy and the legitimacy of the Powys LDP, or to take the Labour Party whip to support Lesley Griffith’s unprecedented decision, which as it stands, creates open season on development anywhere in Wales by setting the precedent of overruling both the Planning Inspectorate and local planning policy thereby undermining the democratic process of the planning system.



With National CPRW’s help, the Brecon and Radnor Branch, often co-operating with Montgomery Branch, has

  • raised public awareness of the stealthy introduction of huge wind and solar "search areas" all over the wildest and most beautiful parts of Powys into the LDP
  • fought to improve the Powys LDP at the Inspector’s Examination with the help of a barrister, resulting in abandonment of all wind and some solar “search areas"
  • worked with local residents to fight against Hendy Wind Farm which was eventually turned down by Powys Planning Committee
  • raised awareness of the Developers Appeal against the Powys refusal.
  • held a Starling-Watch day to bring crowds to see the vast starling murmurations settle to roost on Llandegley Rhos, the Hendy Wind farm site 
  • engaged a barrister and landscape consultant and provided our own witnesses throughout the two week s of the Inspector’s Public Inquiry


The Planning Inspector recommended the Appeal against refusal of the Hendy Wind Farm be dismissed because the landscape and ancient monuments of Llandegley Rhos outweighed any benefits of the 7 turbine Wind Farm.

Lesley Griffiths, Minister of Energy, Planning and Rural Affairs summarily over-ruled him. If this decision stands, no Welsh landscape outside National Parks and Designated Areas is safe from large-scale industrialisation however much it is valued by Welsh people. Please help CPRW do all we can to stop it.

All this has cost a huge amount of time, energy and emotional resource for us and our many supporters. The planning process has also cost the public purse dearly. Please tell our politicians what you think and ask for their support.

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