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7 November 2019

The NDF’s flawed Renewable Energy Assessment must be re-considered

The landscape and rural life charity CPRW is preparing a detailed response to the whole NDF consultation but has submitted an urgent interim request to the Welsh Government arguing that its Renewable Energy (RE) text is so misconceived and error-laden that it is unfit for purpose, should be removed from the NDF and be re-written.

In the letter (click to open in a new window)

CPRW’s Chair Peter Alexander-Fitzgerald concludes that

the NDF is devoid of an articulate central policy suite capable of addressing the climate emergency – in which we are eager to play a constructive role’.

The RE assessment fails to quantify the salient facts necessary to consider the implications of its target of increasing renewable electricity output to 70% of an undefined consumption level in 2030. CPRW wishes to encourage the right renewables in the right place and cannot understand why the 15 ‘Priority Areas’ are defined to reach the target only in terms of onshore wind turbines and solar farms.  

Offshore wind is widely acknowledged as the leading future RE technology and  is consistent with the Welsh Government’s draft Marine Plan which identifies ‘a strategic need to develop marine renewable energy generation capacity’ [para 608].

CPRW is further concerned that proposals in these Priority Areas will be decided directly by the Welsh Government on the basis that landscape change will be inevitable and extensive. 

CPRW head office contact: Carys Matthews

Spokesman: Geoff Sinclair (Pembrokeshire)  01834 891331

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