Lakes, Reservoirs, and Ponds

From Vyrnwy to Llyn y Fan Fach Wales has some majestic and picturesque natural and man-made lakes and reservoirs. Whether formed by glaciers and rivers or diggers and dams, Wales is dotted with water bodies small and large. Some mired in controversy and others lauded as sights to behold, they are our water sources, play areas, home to a huge array of biodiversity, and ingrained in our psyche.

Drinking water

Unlike England, where the majority of their drinking water is stored in underground aquifers, 80-90 % of Wales’ supply is found above ground in lakes and reservoirs. This means as summers get warmer and dryer, our water resources are more and more at risk of evaporation.

Catchment Area

Looking at water holistically on a catchment area basis, CPRW campaigns for the protection of tributaries that feed our lakes, reservoirs and ponds, as well as the overflow and other outputs from these water bodies that feed our rivers.

More access to blue spaces

CPRW would like to see more lakes and reservoirs opened up to the public for recreation and fishing. We continue to work with Wales Environment Link partners such as Canoe Wales, Open Spaces Society, WWF, Wildlife Trusts Wales, and Elan Valley Trust as well as other organisations like Fish Legal to see this done sensitively with the ecosystems and environment.