Volunteer with the Welsh Countryside Charity

CPRW at almost a century, is one of the oldest charities in Wales, volunteers like you have been the beating heart of our successes. Every volunteer makes a difference to the countryside we feel so passionate about, and we value their contribution enormously. With your support, we can achieve even more.

Help us be the voice of, champions for, and protectors of the Welsh countryside!

Why volunteer with us?

By volunteering with CPRW, a local branch, or one of our affiliated organisations you will be helping enhance the countryside where we live and meeting people with similar interests. You’ll gain new skills and get all the training you need in your volunteering role.

Our volunteers support us in many different ways including the leadership of local CPRW branches, fundraising, providing specialist advice, managing social media channels, maintaining websites, and manning trade stalls.

Other volunteering opportunities include participating in citizen science projects, litter picks, tree plantings, wildlife surveys, and much more!