The Clwyd Branch have launched a bi-monthly newsletter. In each addition they will introduce a Committee member. Their first committee member profile is from Chair, Bob Gaffey.

I was born in Bangor, I went to Liverpool Poly to do a Business Studies degree. Taught Business Studies in the city where I lived for over 30 years. Moved back to Wales in 2001, became a Mold Town Councillor in 2012, Deputy Mayor in 2016 and Mold Mayor in 2017. I have two children, one lives in Liverpool, the other in London.

I noticed that everywhere I went they just seemed to be building on any patch of green there was. I decided to join CPRE and contacted them. There’s so much which is England that Wales comes under like the legal system I just assumed we came under CPRE. They informed me there was a CPRW, so I joined.

I went along to a meeting at Loggerheads and thought I could make a contribution so stayed. When I got to be Mold Deputy Mayor I wrote a book of poems to support the fund for the origins of Bailey Hill. This was a rarely used park in the middle of the town. We aimed to get a million pounds Lottery funding and had to achieve match-funding of 10% which we did. The lottery funding transformed Bailey Hill and it won last year’s Rural Award from the Clwyd region. As you know one of the poems I wrote was IN PRAISE OF MOLD.

After several years on the committee, I was asked to be Chair, accepted and the rest is history. I look on the work as trying to protect this nation’s land from abuse and exploitation from powerful interests.