Work following the Welsh Government Manifesto  promise of a National Park for North East Wales is now well under way. NRW has gathered a team of experts to evaluate the case for the designation, and to work towards deciding suitable boundaries, since everybody seems to agree that the existing AONB is too small and a difficult shape.

Later this year, NRW will be holding a series of events to gather information from local people and other “key stakeholders” which we hope will include CPRW. There will be a further public consultation in 2024, and then, in due course, they will make their recommendation to the Welsh Government in the form of a Designation Order, provided they are satisfied that the chosen area  meets the criteria for a NP, both in terms of natural beauty and of outdoor recreation.

Ministers will then consider this and make up their minds whether to confirm, vary or even refuse it.  This will all happen within the existing Senedd term (2021-2026).

So it is still possible that the whole idea might be abandoned at the last moment. Much may depend on the state of the Welsh economy when the final decision is made.

CPRW Clwyd Branch has already written to Julie James, Climate Change Minister (but also in charge of Planning !) supporting the designation.