National Hedgerow Week! 6 - 12 May 2024

Hedgerows are the often-unsung heroes of the Welsh countryside, yet they form the UK’s largest wildlife habitat, are a major part of our landscape and cultural heritage, and are crucial to halting biodiversity decline and tackling climate change.

They provide wildlife with a sheltered and bountiful highway network; protecting agriculture, whether livestock or crops; creating living boundaries in our towns and cities; and bringing greenery, capturing carbon, and delivering more than a little beauty to our rail lines and roadsides.

Top Ten Tips for a Healthy Hedge

The Hedge Link Uk have provided the top ten tips for a healthy hedge:

1. Keep it thick and dense

2. Cut at the right time

3. Don’t cut too often or too tight

4. Encourage native shrubs

5. Encourage flowers and grasses at the base and margins

6. Look after trees or plant new ones

7. Rejuvenating your hedge

8. When establishing a new hedge, take care to plant suitable species

9. Link the hedge with other wildlife habitats and fill in gaps

10. Explore your hedge

Find our more on the tree council website here

Photo credit: David Noron Photography / Alamy Stock Photo @woodlandtrust