International Women's Day 2024: Be Inspired by our female volunteers and staff at CPRW

Meet Caroline part of team CPRW

My childhood was spent adventuring in Eryri National Park, scaling mountains, endless wonderful camping trips, surfing and venturing further afield on exciting trips like cross-country skiing in Norway and touring Nova Scotia in a campervan. My father, a passionate mountaineer and my mother, a lover of the countryside, always ensured my brother and I spent time in the natural world – the love of the outdoors rooted from a young age.

My love for adventure has taken me all over the world, on and off the beaten track, by foot, bike, boat, campervan and in the air, across New Zealand, Asia, America, Canada, Europe and of course the UK. I’ve met amazing people, been exposed to different ways of living and cultures, embraced hut life, explored stunning landscapes with my backpack, cycle toured and taken opportunities to simply catch the sunset from various peaks.

No matter where I’ve found myself, the importance to protect and care for our beautiful world, especially the places we call home, has always been my imperative.

I am now a mother of two young boys and it’s my turn to inspire the next generation to enjoy and look after our beautiful world.



Find out more about Pippa, a volunteer

 I live in mid-Wales 2021 in a beautiful, albeit extremely run-down, hilltop homestead with my dog, 2 wild cats, various chickens. I work away trying to create some order in the chaos and remind myself to look up often to appreciate the views and the great sky.

Nature has always played a central role in my life. I have worked in commercial horticulture, studied landscape architecture and trained as a florist. These days I work with willow, it’s a wonderful plant material and for me willow epitomizes everything I believe in – it’s organic biodegradable, renewable.

Meet Wendy, a volunteer and new Chair of the Meirionnydd branch.

Wendy Knowles, lives in north Wales and also Cambridge and was raised near Porthmadog, and spends much of her year in the area.

Wendy is an indefatigable campaigner on environmental and landscape concerns , inspired perhaps by her own background and her concerns about the world and climate change and the places and communities that she has known and loved.

This was reflected in the subject of her MA dissertation: Small Worlds: Landscape and Community (the work of the North Wales architect, landscaper, town planner and environmentalist Sir Clough Williams-Ellis, whose book England and the Octopus (1928) is widely seen as kicking off the UK environmental movement.


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