Do read on  –  the  subject is more interesting than the title!

This scheme is the next best thing to burying electricity cables underground and removing  the pylons that support them!

The LEI is funded by National Grid, and aims to improve the visual impact of the landscape in National Parks and AONBs.  With funding, our AONB has delivered an impressive 2623 metres of hedge restoratiom, two hectares of scrub clearance, heathland management work in areas fire-damaged in 2018, pond creation and habitat improvements including native tree planting………..and this is only up to 2021, so all these figures will have gone up a lot since then.

In view of this massive contribution to landscape improvement, the AONB decided to give them  their annual AONB Award,  and this was presented to two officers of the National Grid at a ceremony in March, at Llandegla Village Shop, itself a recipient of the Award a few years ago.

Chris Baines, who is a well known conservationist/gardener/author/broadcaster/ good chap, and is also Chair of the Stakeholder Advisory Group of the National Grid, gave us an eloquent talk about the work of that arcane committee, focussing on the fine example shown by National Grid, and suggesting that other large corporations might help to fund schemes where countryside protection is adversely affected by industrial activity.