Dear Member

I am delighted to introduce our second local Branch Newsletter, which we hope makes enjoyable and informative reading!

Onwards and Upwards should now be our motto. With Caroline Conway’s help, we have been busy making ourselves known to lots of other like-minded organisations in North East Wales and raising our profile in other ways; we have got ourselves a prestigious and much-loved Champion, the international pianist Llyr Williams; we have continued to monitor planning applications in the three counties we strive to cover, with specific members of our committee responsible for doing this.

Highlights of this issue are perhaps Gareth Ludkin’s latest news about the intended National Park, and Chris Madoc-Jones’ brilliant report on the latest shenanigans at the Denbigh Hospital site.

We summarise developments in planning applications, both those made to the three Counties’ local Planning Committees, and the new insidious schemes called Developments of National Significance, which bypass us local people and go straight to Cardiff for their decision. How they know more about local problems than local people is quite beyond me!

Although we have people in place to monitor planning applications, we nevertheless would like to have a few more!! So, if you like this sort of stuff and feel you could contribute something to our little committee, do please let us know! Email [email protected] or visit our website

Finally your committee’s combined thanks to Caroline, who seems to achieve in an hour what would take us a month!

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Mike Skuse

Hon. Pres.