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Farming is the backbone of rural Wales. The Welsh landscape is rugged and suited to hill farming and animal grazing – unlike in many parts of the UK where the land is mainly arable and used to grow crops. In fact, 84% of Wales is dedicated to agriculture.


Photo © Charles Hawes

We work for Welsh farmers

Currently, there is enormous uncertainty facing Welsh farming as the UK plans to leave the EU. With potentially devastating loss of income and reduced access to labour, the fate of farmers – and therefore food – is uncertain. CPRW is working hard to push the future of Wales’ farms to the top of the agenda, both in Cardiff Bay and Westminster.

With 60% of rural land sold to investment buyers, we are using nearly 90 years of experience to promote farmer’s concerns about soaring land prices. CPRW also campaigns to encourage people in Wales to buy more Welsh meat and locally grown, environmentally friendly food.

Digging for riches

With rich resources of minerals and stone, quarrying and mining have long been staples of the economy in rural Wales. At CPRW we oppose the use of open cast mines which cause irreparable damage to the landscape. We provide expert advice on the sensitive planning of new quarries. By supporting local communities to use local stone in constructing homes and farm buildings, CPRW helps to limit the environmental damage of transporting stone as well as creating a harmonious ‘look and feel’ to the architecture of our villages.