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Open letter sent to Members of the Senedd regarding the NDF

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CPRW have sent an open letter to the Members of the Senedd (MS) prior to the scrutiny period of the NDF.  

The latest public version of the NDF states that the necessary and huge increase in capacity must come from large-scale land-based wind turbines and solar farms in 15 ‘Priority Areas’ scattered through 20% of the Welsh countryside.

There is no reference to the escalating potential of marine and offshore technology which Ministers advocate and support as the key to the future. This not only puts needless pressure on the landscapes and ecosystems of rural Wales, but fails to focus on the real opportunities to address the climate emergency by encouraging  ‘the right technology in the right place’.

CPRW are anxious discover whether the changes for which we have argued will be contained in it, or whether we will be dependent on our MS's in making the case for change in the Senedd.

The letter can be read here

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