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Alert: NDF consultation - new deadline!

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The consultation period for the Draft National Development Framework (NDF) is being extended by two weeks and will now close on Friday 15 November 2019. 

Please make your voice heard: this will be our only opportunity.

Read here for more:

About the NDF:

The proposals set new Priority Areas sweeping across large parts of Wales - to be allocated for further wind farms and solar arrays as shown on the map here. Within them, landscape change will be accepted and there will be a presumption of planning approval. All projects over 10 megawatts will be decided by the Welsh Government, and other rural assets - including biodiversity - will be compromised.

Consultation documents, response form & online response link:

We fully support renewable energy in the right place and we fully support economic redevelopment in rural areas. Welsh Government must understand that destruction of our landscape is not the way to go about it. Tourism is growing rapidly and employs 1 in 4 local people. Visitor surveys show people come for the tranquillity and beautiful unspoilt landscapes. The last thing our economy, future community wellbeing and our critically important upland ecosystems need is industrialisation.

Please make your views known by responding to the consultation, and do please write to the press, your Councillor, your AM and your MP.

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