The three counties we are concerned with,  Denbs., Flints. and Wrexham, all have many well publicised and loved places of interest.  They will feature massively when we become a NatIonal Park.  We will have better funding, and a more dedicated local government planning regime to protect even better than now all these famous treasures.

I mean, of course, Pont Cysyllte, the Horseshoe Falls, Moel Famau, lots of Hillforts, several Mottes and Baileys,  many “gentry houses”, and so on and on. It’s why people like coming here. It’s why we are going to be a National Park.

But we also have Neglected Treasures. One such is the old Cinema half way up Castle Street in Llangollen.  It used to be easy to find, but now there is just a tattered flag that people walk by…..and visitors never find out that it houses the most enormous second hand bookshop you will ever see. It dwarfs Foyles in Charing Cross Road!

Up the stairs you go, books everywhere, then down again with books on both sides of you piled high on shelves beyond your reach. And down into the cinema, with the screen on your left and the holes at the back where the projector used to be, and the whole auditorium covered in row upon row of book shelves, all categories neatly signed and all books in alphabetical order.

It really is the most remarkable place, and well worth a visit.

Perhaps you can think of more of these unfamiliar but well worth seeing places in our three Counties?  Let us know and we will be pleased to bring them to the attention of our members.