Mae'r safle hwn yn defnyddio briwsion sy’n storio gwybodaeth heb fod yn bersonol i ddarparu gwasanaethau i chi ac i'n helpu i wella ein safle.·   

Gangen Ynys Môn


Parhewch i ddarllen yn Saesneg.

Acting Chair:

Gwynne Morris Jones

We welcome new members – please join us by contacting our Branch Chair.

About Anglesey

Anglesey has a diverse and beautiful landscape. The coastline and coastal regions of Anglesey are protected as Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, having been designated as an AONB in the late 1960s. The designation protects the aesthetic appeal and variety of coastal landscapes from inappropriate or insensitive development.

The island also has 5 Special Areas of Conservation (SACs), 3 Special Protection Areas (SPAs), 1 National Nature Reserve, 31 Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) and 75 Scheduled Ancient Monuments (SACs).

Further information about these areas can be found at

If you care about protecting the precious landscape of Anglesey, please join us.

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