CPRW, the Welsh Countryside Charity, has today joined local communities in triumph as Bute Energy has been compelled to retract their plans for the Moelfre Wind Farm development due to strong local opposition.

This marks a victory for community resilience and solidarity in the face of a development that threatened the integrity of the local landscape and residents’ quality of life.

“Bute Energy’s decision comes as no surprise,” stated Ross Evans, spokesperson for the CPRW. “Given the strength and unity of the local opposition, the developer’s position became untenable. They had no choice but to withdraw.”

This outcome is a stark reminder to developers everywhere of the power that communities hold when their environment is at stake. Any development process must put respect for local communities and their environment at its heart. Anything less will be met with rightful resistance.

Evans continued, “This is not just a triumph, but a lesson for developers – fail to respect the communities you work in, and you will fail in your endeavours.”

The CPRW stands resolute in its mission to safeguard Wales’ rural landscapes and will continue to uphold the rights of local communities in planning decisions that affect them, we congratulate the communities for their spirited resistance.