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Llanddwyn imge.jpgChair:           Dr Morag McGrath
Vice Chair    Mairede Thomas

Membership Secretary:       
Gwynne Morris Jones 
Tel      01407 832861      
                  Page last updated June 25th 2015


Forthcoming events

Isle of Anglesey Branch meetings are held once a month at Capel Rhos y Gad, Llanfair PG, on Wednesdays, beginning at 5pm. 

Llanddwyn imge.jpgAnglesey’s landscape:

Anglesey has a diverse and beautiful landscape. The coastline and coastal regions of Anglesey are protected as Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, having been designated as an AONB in the late 1960s.  The designation protects the aesthetic appeal and variety of coastal landscapes from inappropriate or insensitive development. 

The island also has 5 Special Areas of Conservation (SACs), 3 Special Protection Areas (SPAs), 1 National Nature Reserve, 31 Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) and 75 Scheduled Ancient Monuments (SACs). 
Further information about these areas can be found at

 If you care about protecting the precious landscape of Anglesey, please join us.

Prize Draw Result

Here are the winners of the Anglesey Branch 2015 Summer Draw,
drawn by Branch President on 17
th June in Llanfairpwll.

   1,  Mr C Roberts,               Keith Andrew print
  2,  K Yamamoto,               Puffin Island Cruise
3,  Mr T Foster-Smith,       Tre-ysgawen Spa Voucher
4,  Mr H Jones,                 Ian Shirley print
5,  Mr G Rhys Roberts,      Fron Goch voucher
  6,  Mrs C Wallace,             Bottle of wine
  7,  Mr and Mrs D Gutteridge, Bottle of wine
8,  Mrs C Sharples,           Ian Shirley print
9,  Mr and Mrs T Allen,      Judith Gutteridge print
10,  Mrs M Frost,              Pot plant

The Draw was run in order to boost our seriously depleted branch funds. If you’re ‘in the same boat’ give it a try, it certainly worked for us. For sponsors, target people and businesses that rely on the landscape, beaches, mountains – artists, tourist industry etc..  Not everybody likes selling tickets, but how many times have you been asked for the same, or sponsorship for a cause?  Besides, even if you get a ‘No thank you’ they will invariably ask ‘What’s it for?’, followed by ‘What do they do?’  Then, it’s up to you.

 Current issues:

National Grid reject sub sea link to Wyddfa Newydd

CPRW Ynys Môn has strongly and continuously objected to National Grid’s preferred option of constructing a new line of electricity pylons to run in line with the existing pylons across Anglesey to connect Wylfa Newydd, when completed, to the substation at Pentir, Gwynedd.

However, according to BBC News today, National Grid has decided to reject the sub-sea alternative (which is favoured by almost everyone on the island), in favour of even more pylons, which will further blight Anglesey’s wonderful landscape.

 “ Controversial overhead power lines across Anglesey are the preferred option for the planned £8bn Wylfa Newydd nuclear station.

But National Grid has ruled out pylons for an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty with cables now set to run underground and under the Menai Strait. The route will broadly follow the path of existing pylons.  See here for details of National Grid proposals here

National Grid have said it realised that "many will be disappointed" that cables would not run all the way under the sea.

The £569m project is needed to connect the new nuclear station in the north of Anglesey to the substation in Pentir, Gwynedd. Underground cables have been estimated to cost around 12 times that of overhead lines, while there are also technical issues such as the repairing any faults. Overcoming obstacles would cost "many hundreds of millions more" than the preferred option - one of three - that National Grid has chosen.”

Natural Resources Wales - which had wanted an undersea cable - said it will work with NG to minimise the environmental impact.

We will remain vigilant on this issue so that our landscape is not blighted in this way. 


Other landscape and environment issues on Anglesey

Windturbines YM.jpg

The Anglesey Branch looks like having a busy 2015!  We vigorously oppose industrial sized wind turbines - numerous applications for planning permission are coming before the Planning Committee.  News that an 80-metre turbine has collapsed in Ireland - in fairly mild weather; another reason why CPRW opposes such developments. See here

The Branch is vigilant in scrutinizing planning applications and will object to those which are unsuitable or insensitive to the landscape of Ynys Môn.  The Branch supports renewable energy schemes of appropriate size or with minimal impact on the landscape.

Showcasing our countryside:

According to the BBC news website, tourism has grown at a faster rate than other industries since the end of the recession and is one of the UK's main export earners.


Visit Britain Chief Executive Sally Balcombe said tourism would continue to be one of the country's major export earners. "One of our priorities for 2015 will be to inspire international visits to the nations and regions and showcase Britain's magnificent countryside,"

We have inspirational countryside, so let’s make showing it to the world and keeping it beautiful, for the benefit of all, our resolution for 2015!

We welcome new members – please join us by contacting
our Membership Secretary  !