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  Carmarthenshire Branch

Carreg Cennin.jpgBreathtaking mountains, lush, green landscapes, secluded, ancient forests, vast expanses of golden sandy beaches all characterise the diverse landscapes of Carmarthenshire.All these landscapes are changing are under continual pressure from unsympathetic development and where CPRW's voice is much needed.

Regrettably we have not been able to challenge those unsympathetic changes which continue to take place as our Carmathenshire Branch has not been active for a while. Thankfully however attempts are now being made to revitalise Branch activities in the area.


If you would like to be part of the effort to make CPRW's voice in Carmarthenshire strong again
and would be prepared to be attend a meeting please contactJoin us Carmarthen.jpg

Mr Peter Alexander-Fitzgerald

Tel 01570 481263