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Good news: we have just helped win the largest-ever wind turbine Inquiry  in Pembrokeshire despite an unprofessional performance by the Council’s inexperienced officer witnesses on landscape and cultural heritage (and every effort by their barrister Tina Douglass).

The key issue in this unusual case was that the existence of the Valero refinery constructed for strategic purposes  on the southern shore of  Milford Haven did not justify further expansion of an adjacent 5 x 100m wind farm as close as 400m to the boundary of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. This would have been by the largest rural windfarm ever consented in Pembrokeshire.  The next largest is Wear Point 4 x 100m but that is in an industrial location. The largest rural one constructed is 2 x 86.5m near Ludchurch (consented without EIA and under unacceptable circumstances by the County Council).

Lots of our CPRW evidence was taken on board by the experienced Inspector Alwyn Nixon. – getting on for a month’s hard work.

For details of the Inspector's decision notice  See here